Our Wandering Monkey Products


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I thought you might like to see our Wandering Monkey products being sold around the world in Travel Retail outlets. look closely on the packaging and you’ll see me!

Wandering Monkey Products GROUP SHOT1 low res

Here is our Activity Pack, Colouring Book, Re-Useable Sticker Set and Stationery Set

Wandering Monkey Puzzle Plane Magazine Shot low res

This is our 40 piece 3D Puzzle Plane that we have had sold on-board airlines such as BA and Virgin.

A look back to when Wandering Monkey had an Airport shop.


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It’s a strange thing when you reminisce about the things you have done in business. This time 8 years ago I was in the process of opening a shop at Liverpool airport. It was an exciting time and as an excited Monkey I was up and down the country making sure everything went smoothly.

On the day we opened it was all go. We were just in time for the Christmas rush and we have branding everywhere. Everybody was interested in The Wandering Monkey and things started really well.

The Irish passengers certainly kept us in business with their regular trios between Dublin and Liverpool every weekend.

Unfortunately in the summer of 2006 we had the terrorist incident involving water bottles and security tightened over night. Passengers were not allowed to take extra bags through security and people just stopped shopping before security ‘land side’. As a land side store are options were limited and sales unfortunately dropped at our busiest time of year.

We held on for as long as possible but eventually with great sadness we had to say good bye to the store. It was a real shame but it had to happen in the end. From a business point of view we learnt many lessons and it helped us in the years since then, including if we ever do a shop at an airport again that it has to be airside!. I still reference many of the lessons learned today. Onwards we go off on another monkey adventure! 🙂

Couple of days of meetings!

So the last couple of days have been good.

Had a great meeting yesterday with a lovely buyer and a great Duty Free and travel retail company. Lots of interest in the products. 🙂

Today I went to see my monkey fans at Condor Ferries. It’s always great to catch up with the girls here, they are great fans of the Wandering Monkey and always really supportive. They loved lots of our new range and fingers crossed we’ll do well with them for 2014!

Time to get back to Wandering Monkey HQ and prepare all the follow up 🙂

Visit to the Duty Free Exhibition Oct ’13

So, whenever I can, I get to go to an Exhibition and source new product for my range. Every October I go to an Exhibition in Cannes called the Tax Free World Association Exhibition and this Exhibition is for everyone involved in the Duty Free and Travel Retail market. I get the opportunity to see buyers from all over the world, catch up with friends and contacts and see what other suppliers are doing.

I had some great meetings with potential new clients so fingers crossed they decide to stock some of our products.

Here’s a few photos from my visit, I hope you enjoy. 🙂

IMG_2691 IMG_2692

After a hard days walking around it’s always nice to get back to the beach and take 5 mins to reflect on the day.


Here I am getting ready for a meeting.


I took the opportunity to check out the Lego Stand and see what new products they had.


Whilst on the stand I had to hide and pretend to be a flower..


Unfortunately they found me though and had me removed from the stand… I tried. 😦


While passing the Redbull stand I did happen to get to have a chat with Vettel.

Here’s to the next Exhibition!