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It’s a strange thing when you reminisce about the things you have done in business. This time 8 years ago I was in the process of opening a shop at Liverpool airport. It was an exciting time and as an excited Monkey I was up and down the country making sure everything went smoothly.

On the day we opened it was all go. We were just in time for the Christmas rush and we have branding everywhere. Everybody was interested in The Wandering Monkey and things started really well.

The Irish passengers certainly kept us in business with their regular trios between Dublin and Liverpool every weekend.

Unfortunately in the summer of 2006 we had the terrorist incident involving water bottles and security tightened over night. Passengers were not allowed to take extra bags through security and people just stopped shopping before security ‘land side’. As a land side store are options were limited and sales unfortunately dropped at our busiest time of year.

We held on for as long as possible but eventually with great sadness we had to say good bye to the store. It was a real shame but it had to happen in the end. From a business point of view we learnt many lessons and it helped us in the years since then, including if we ever do a shop at an airport again that it has to be airside!. I still reference many of the lessons learned today. Onwards we go off on another monkey adventure! 🙂